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Zeeospheres Ceramics, LLC is the owner and producer of Zeeospheres Ceramic Microspheres.

Zeeospheres Ceramic Microspheres were developed by scientists beginning in 1980 with the introduction of the initial applications for these micron sized spherical particles as an innovative functional extender.

In 1982 Zeelan Industries built its plant and began operation. In 1992 3M of St. Paul, Minnesota acquired the company for its coatings additive business.

In April, 2009, Valentine Chemicals of Lockport, Louisiana, a small chemical company started in 1939 to make molding compound from agricultural residue, and now a contract manufacturer purchased the business from 3M. Valentine renamed the company Zeeospheres Ceramics, LLC. and changed the product name from “3M Gray Ceramic Microspheres” to Zeeospheres Ceramic Microspheres.

Zeeospheres are produced in the same plant, by the same people, on the same equipment from the same raw materials used by 3M throughout its ownership. Zeeospheres is committed to maintaining the technology and quality associated with 3M, while re-introducing the small company flexibility and customer focus of the founders of Zeelan Industries and the culture of Valentine Chemicals.

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