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Zeeospheres – N SERIES

Zeeospheres Ceramic Microspheres N Series are unique dark gray-colored, fine particle size, high-strength microspheres. They are opaque to visible light, but transparent to UV light. These products are typically used to reduce VOC levels, increase filler loadings, improve hardness, and add burnish, scrub and abrasion resistance to a variety of coating formulations. Due to their low resin demand, high hardness and inert chemistry, these products have found utility in high solids, water reducible radiation – curbale and high durability coatings, powder coatings, and a wide range of premium performance coatings. The N Series is typically used when color is not important in the application.

Typical Physical Properties (Not for specification purposes)


Shape: Hollow spheres with thick walls
Composition: Silica – Alumina Ceramic


Zeeospheres Ceramic Microsphers are best dispersed by using sand, ball and roller mills. For optimal dispersion, the Zeeospheres should be added to the grind stage, along with pigments and other filler materials. Use of a dispersant can aid in the wet-out and dispersion.

Download the N Series PDF

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