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Building, Construction and External Pipe Coatings

  • Architectural coatings
    Durability Improved burnish resistance Scrub-ability Uniformity of sheen Higher PVC
  • Powder coatings
    Improved flow Gloss control Hardness Cost reduction
  • Maintenance coatings
    Corrosion resistance Cost reduction Durability High loading Lower film permeability
  • Coil coatings
    Flexibility Hardness Gloss control Cost reduction Higher solids
  • High solids industrial coatings
    High loading with low viscosity Cost reduction Reduced VOC Spray-ability Improved hardness Gloss control
  • Water-reducible industrial finishes
    Increased volume solids Durability Reduced film permeability/Gloss control improved corrosion resistance Inertness Hardness
  • UV-cured coatings
    High loading with low viscosity Burnish resistance Cost reduction Scrubability Sprayability
  • Mastics, grouts"
    Improved rheology Reduced shrinkag Higher loading Durability

Zeeospheres™ Ceramic Microspheres for Building, Construction & External Pipe Coatings

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