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Zeeospheres Ceramics, LLC provide a wide choice of unique enhancements. Select from a range of microsphere characteristics to help you meet specific processing and end use requirements.


Building, Construction and External Pipe Coatings


Paint and Coatings

Potential Enhancements Microsphere considerations

  • Abrasion resistance 

  • Chemical stability

  • Gloss control 

  • Hardness 

  • High filler loading

  • Low viscosity

  • Reduced warpage/shrinkage 

  • Temp resistance up to 2200°F

  • Water resistance


Higher Filler Loading

With the lowest surface area to volume ratio of any shape, Zeeospheres increase volume loading capacity. That can mean higher solids/reduced VOCs, reduced shrinkage, and reduced cost through lower resin demand in certain applications.

Lower Viscosity and Improved Flow
Unlike irregularly shaped fillers, Zeeospheres roll easily over one another. Depending on your application, this trait can offer a number of potential benefits. For example, in molded plastics, Zeeospheres can help reduce warpage.

Cost Effective per Unit Volume

Zeeospheres occupy more space than an equal weight of typical mineral filler. This means that, when you consider cost per unit volume instead of cost per pound, Zeeospheres can be a cost-effective choice in many applications especially when you factor in the enhancements possible with Zeeospheres technology.

Problem Solving for Many Industries

Zeeosphere technology offers solutions to a wide range of manufacturing challenges. For example, it can help reduce the dielectric constant in PCBs. Enhance features in sporting goods. Reduce weight in aircraft in syntactic foam. Optimize sensitization in emulsion explosives. Reduce cracking and shrinkage in spackling compound. Here are just a few more of the many areas where Zeeospheres have demonstrated their usefulness:

  • Building materials: caulks, adhesives, cultured marble, mastics, paints, and roof coatings.

  • Lightweight plastics: injection molded thermo-plastics, SMC, BMC, RIM, RTM, and pultrusion.

  • Aerospace and marine composites, potting compounds.

  • Other application ideas range from oil field drilling cements to trailer liner panels; film anti-block to flotation devices and autobody putty.

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